BitTally network traffic monitor


The perfect way to moniter traffic on any network


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BitTally Network Monitor is, as its name suggests, a network monitor that lets you record the information of all users, collecting their individual traffic stats and the protocols being used.

The app lets you collect web stats such as user, domain, domain category (for example, 'adult', 'bet', 'news', etc.). Of course, the app will use all of this information to generate a series of reports that will make it easier to visualize the information.

One very interesting feature that BitTally Network Monitor has to offer is that it lets administrators establish a series of automatisms that detect suspicious activity in real time. This makes it possible to quickly stop any traffic-related activities.

BitTally Network Monitor is also useful to maintain a complete record of connection activity, allowing you to trace the origin of every package and byte. As a result, traffic analysis is simple and comfortable.

BitTally Network Monitor is a web-monitoring tool with enough features to satisfy the vast majority of users. The best part, however, might just be its user-friendly interface.

with this restricted version of the app, you can only register five users, and you can't record information.

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